GDF announces new list of permission to work in the TV Tower

Marketer can not sell or transfer to third parties permission. Government also installed kiosks in the Tower.

The Federal District Government published in the Official Gazette on Friday (17) with a new list of terms allowed those with permits to use the TV Tower. The term entitles the grantee to work in one of the boxes at the fair. Here's the list of beneficiaries.

The marketer can not sell or transfer to third parties. According to the director of Public Services Coordinator of the Cities Secretariat of Government of the Federal District, Pasem Asad, with the list of Friday, nearly all of the 400 merchants who work on site have received permission to use the term.

The Federal District has also installed some boxes Fair. Bodies such as the departments of Women, Labor, Racial Equality and Public Safety are present in space to approach the government of the population, and monitor compliance with the rules of the area by merchants.