Mental Health Fair wins box in the Tower, in Brasilia

Besides being able to increase the rent at the end of the month, users entered into the Mental Health Program of the State Department of Health of the Federal District have the opportunity to showcase their crafts to the general public in the box "Sowing Art" located in ward C , Feira TV Tower, Brasilia. The project, which started on 27/11, aims to provide income generation, employment and labor users of Mental Health and integrate national efforts with regard to the consolidation of the National Mental Health.

According to SES-DF, and the creation of substitute services, it is important that there is an effort by the state and society in the sense of putting the person lost citizenship by historical mistake which was psychiatric treatment in Brazil. The box part of the project "Sowing Art" has as partners the Management of Mental Health SES-DF, NGOs and associations and will be in operation on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, with a couple of vendors. Will be offered necklaces and earrings, mosaic work, rugs, bags, dish towels, curtains, custom clothing and other handicrafts.